The optimal machine for uprooting and shredding of aquatic vegetation in ditches and canals. A mowing boat effectively removes it.

Technical features

ModelBF 100BF 140BF 220
Length2750 mm4700 mm5400 mm
Width1000 mm1400 mm1650 mm
Height700 mm770 mm770 mm
Weight900 kg1450 kg2070 kg
Draught200 mm300 mm300 mm
Fuel tank25 l50 l50 l
Engine3 cylinders4 cylinders4 cylinders
Power17,2 kw32 kw43,2 kw
Rotor diameter550 mm600 mm600 mm
Speed80 RPM70 RPM70 RPM
Hydraulic circuitindependentindependentindependent
Oil tank80 l120 l150 l
Command2 levers2 levers2 levers
Electric circuit12V12V12V
Battery60 Ah100 Ah130 Ah
Max. working depth1,5 m2 m2,5 m

Technical characteristics

  • Reversible rotors, orbital motors
  • Floating rotor system, (following a bottom)
  • Liquid cooling Lombardini engine
  • Command of floating mower with 2 levers