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Power arm attachements

Ozamet offers an extensive range of working attachments from cutter bars to brushes, enabling contractors to provide a wider range of services thanks to the increased functionality of powers arms. Hydraulic interchangeable heads are a perfect complement to articulated arm mowers while mainteining road verges and canal banks. 

Attachements for :

  • hedge mowers
  • hydraulic excavators


power bow arm hydraulic heads attachaments

Sweeper GZ120

brush sweeper attachement power arm

A power arm attachment for street sweeping brush applications.

RF ditch cleaner

ditch cleaner power arm attachement

For ditch maintenance. The tool removes vegetation and material.

SM multi saw

multi disc rotary saw head power arm attachement hedge mower

Multi saw for shrubs and branches alongside roads.

BF cutter bar

sheartrim cutting cutter bar

For trimming hedges and shrubs.

SF bush cutter

bush cutter reach mower powe3r arm verge maintenance

For trimming branches and hedges and cutting shrubs.

TA cutter bar

lista nożowa przycinarka nożowa Ozamet Bruni głowica wymienna

Interchaneable head for pruning branches, hedges and shrubs .

Orbitol 5 barrier mower

ozamet bruni verge maintenance mowing disc under guard rail

For cutting in the presence of guard rails, traffic sights.

FA algae shredder

algae shredderpower arm attachement reach mower canal river maintenance melioration

For small and medium canal melioration.

Double washing brush SP100

INTERCHANGEABLE IMPLEMENTS for hydraulic reach mowers double brush

Brushes for cleaning traffic signs and posts.


Snow ploughs
  • Ozamet snowplows
  • V blades variable position etrave cuneo combi snow plough wedge bow shovel
  • Ozamet bulk inside bed demountable spreaders
  • Ozamet bulk inside bed demountable spreaders
  • Ozamet winter services self-loading sand spreader
  • hydraulic hedge reach mowers power arms
  • power bow arm hydraulic heads attachaments
  • Mowing boats
  • collecting pick up shredder with collector Tierre Ozamet
  • garden flail shredders mulchers
  • mulchers shredders