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We offer a wide range of flail mowers equipped with special utensils. Our range of flail mowers includes more than 50 models made by Italian manufacturers such as Tierre and Bruni, as well as those made by Ozamet in cooperation with its Italian partners.

Depending on the type of the rotors they come with, the flail mowers supplied by our company are equally efficient cutting low and high grass or weeds, as well as shrubs and stubble. We offer standard models, as well as offset models, front-rear models and machines equipped with a special collecting tank that prove a particularly good choice for lawns, grass pitches, meadows, grazing areas and wasteland.

A special product category is power arm flail mowers . These are designed to serve as universal machines for roadside or embankment maintenance. They can be used with different types of interchangeable heads, which makes them even more practical.

A well prepared piece of land and well-shredded grass, weeds and other sowed plants, which can be spread over a central reservation to serve as a fertiliser, all create favourable conditions for a thick deep-green lawn.

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Snow ploughs
  • Ozamet snowplows
  • V blades variable position etrave cuneo combi snow plough wedge bow shovel
  • Ozamet bulk inside bed demountable spreaders
  • Ozamet bulk inside bed demountable spreaders
  • Ozamet winter services self-loading sand spreader
  • hydraulic hedge reach mowers power arms
  • power bow arm hydraulic heads attachaments
  • Mowing boats
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