Ozamet offers an extensive range of road winter services machine. Above all, we produce sand spreaders and snow ploughs.

Ozamet snow ploughs can clear all types of snow on various types of roads reliably and efficiently. Starting with tractor ploughs for plazas and narrower streets, through road ploughs and ending with highway and specialist models. 

In addition, the winter road maintenance technology extensive range  is complemented by professional spreaders. They are  the most sought as  necessary equipment to combat winter slipperiness. Ozamet offers them in various sizes and with various equipment. Firstly, we offer simplest mechanical sand spreaders.  Further, we produce technologically developed machines, which meet every possible winter safety requirements of road managers and contractors.

In conclusion, all winter communal machines guarantee maximum operator comfort in winter services to facilitate a quick and effective snow removal and de-icing.

Spreader OZ-PTB
OZ-PTB spreader is an innovative machine for modern de-icing. Therefore, it is intended for spreading various abrasive agents, such as sand[…]
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Spreader OZ-PT
The OZ-PT is a best-selling spreader, designed for de-icing roads. It is intended for spreading various abrasive agents, such as[…]
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Spreader OZ-PTB2
The OZ-PTB2 spreader whose technical features meet every possible winter safety requirement. Therefore, it is high performance and highly functional[…]
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Self-loading spreader OZKA
A self-loading spreader efficiently removes ice from walkways, parking lots, small roads in housing and industrial areas. It is mounted[…]
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Highway snow plough OZ-A
Highway snow plough OZ-A is a heavy multi-blade designed for snow removal at height speed on multi-lane roads and motorways.[…]
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Snow plough OZ-A/S 45 with fold extention
The multi-section snow plough especially recommended with lateral plough for efficient clearing of multi-lane roads (motorways, highways, etc.).  The key[…]
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Snow plough with telescopic extension OZ-R
The telescopic snow plough OZ-R is designed for snow removal on multi-lane roads. Becouse, it comes with an extracting further[…]
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Snow plough OZ-WMA
OZ-WMA is a single blade plough for snow removal on multi-lane roads. Outstanding price-performance ratio, comparing to snow ploughs with[…]
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Lateral snow plough OZ-S
The lateral snow plough OZ-S is designed for snow removal on multi-lane roads. Importantly, it operates as a complement to[…]
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Double blade OZ-BR snow plough
Double blade OZ–BR is very efficient at clearing different types of snow both powder, wet snow, slush and ice from[…]
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Snow plough single-section OZ-W
Single-section snow plough OZ-W is designed for operating on all road surfaces. In particular, it is efficient during clearing soft[…]
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Light snow plough CITY
Light snow plough CITY is designed for clearing minor amounts of fresh snow and remaining slush in narrow streets, lanes[…]
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