The spreader whose technical features meet every possible winter safety requirement. Above all, it is high performance and highly functional machine.

The OZ-PTB 2 is intended for road and municipal companies that remove snow from cities, pavements and places where large spreaders cannot be used. For this reason, the machine is universal and compact with a small capacity, dedicated to commercial vehicles from 7T. Additionally, the spreader can be easily configured extending functionality.

Technical features:

  • hopper capacity – 2.2 m3
  • belt conveyor
  • drive – internal combustion engine / vehicle hydraulic system
  • hopper protection – top screen, tarpaulins
  • chute and spinner disc made of stainless steel
  • control – electric Basic / electronic Standard Plus
  • brine installation with side tanks -800 l (option)
  • warning light
  • working light

Work parameters

  • spread width 2-10 m
  • dosage regulation
  • spread track asymmetry


  • insert bed
  • platform
  • installation on the vehicle axle
  • hook lift garbage truck
  • skip loader garbage truck