About Ozamet

OZAMET Ltd. In Olsztyn, Poland, was established in the year 2002. The company was established on basis of native – Polish funds, what has been valid so far.

Company’s mission and primary activity at the same time is to manufacture the machines to secure road and pavement communication during winter season.

Therefore OZAMET for over 18 years has been introducing to the market and improving such machines as snowplows and spreaders fitted to almost every vehicle found on the market.

OZAMET is also in close technical and trade cooperation with other partners regarding sales of winter and summer maintenance machines. Our main partners are:

TIERRE – Italy

BRUNI – Italy

Fransgard – Denmark

We would be glad to find your interest in OZAMET. As potential client of OZAMET please be noticed, OZAMET is not only the trademark of reliable and good products but also the mark of quick and professional service, which is so important during winter and summer road maintenance.

Ozamet’s customers

Many companies has trusted OZAMET so far, such as:

  • regional units of General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways
  • regional roads administrations,
  • provincial roads managements,
  • managements of cities and  communities
  • other budget units
  • Autostrada Mazowiecka Ltd – contract for winter and summer maintenance of part of A2 motorway in Poland
  • Grawil Ltd. – contract for winter maintenance of part of A1 motorway in Poland
  • SKANSKA – winter maintenance of cities Elbląg and Olsztyn Fart Sp. z o.o. – winter maintenance of city of Kielce