After sales service

Dear customers and would-be customers,

During last 20 years of Ozamet activity our experience in close partnership with you enabled us to understand better the responsibility that you take executing contracts of summer and especially winter services.

Therefore, for years we have been taking actions to respond more quickly and effectively to your demands. Being aware of challenges, which you face, supplying you our products, we also challenge ourselves. Our actions in after sales service field have one goal. First of all, we try to carry out repairs in the shortest possible time. As a result we ensure continuous operation of our products when you perform contracts of winter services.

Ozamet After Sales Service employs experienced top of the class technicians performing maintenance operations. Keeping pace with the increasing number of sold machines, Ozamet steadily increase staffing in the department. Thanks to this we ensure a prompt and satisfactory service to their customers across the country.

We are proud to hear an opinion from you, dear customers, that we have probably the best after sales service in the country.

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