Snow ploughs are one of the key machines for the maintenance of roads and other circulation areas in the winter season. The machines manufactured by our company quickly and effectively remove snow, slush and ice from roads. Depending on the model, they will do their job well on both local roads and motorways, as well as in car parks and airport areas.

Our product range includes machines for removing snow from all kinds of surface, such as pavements or small alleys, or roads of any width. Our largest snow ploughs come with a folding or extendable blade, designed for snow clearing operations on motorways and express roads.

Our machinery is made with attention to detail. All the machines are effectively protected against corrosion.

The snow ploughs are equipped with cutting edges made of high-quality abrasion-resistant rubber, hardox steel, or come with Kuepper composite cutting edges.

The models in our range are designed for use with standard mounts or with any type of backhoe loaders and tractors.

Highway snow plough OZ-A
OZ-A is a heavy multi-blade designed for snow removal on multi-lane roads. It can be attached to heavy trucks. Robust[…]
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Snow plough OZ-A/S 45 with fold extention
The multi-section snow plough especially recommended with lateral plough for efficient clearing of multi-lane roads (motorways, highways, etc.).  The OZ-A/S has[…]
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Snow plough with telescopic extention OZ-R
Snow plough OZ-R is designed for snow removal on multi-lane roads. It comes with an extracting further plough section on[…]
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Snow plough OZ-WMA
OZ-WMA is a single blade plough for snow removal on multi-lane roads. It is a good value highway snow plough.[…]
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Lateral snow plough OZ-S
The lateral snow plough OZ-S is designed for snow removal on multi-lane roads as a complement to a front snow[…]
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Double blade OZ-BR
Double blade OZ–BR is very efficient at clearing different types of snow both powder, wet snow, slush and ice from[…]
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Single blade OZ-W
Single blade type OZ-W is particularly designed for operating on all surfaces. It is especially efficient during clearing soft or[…]
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Light snow plough CITY
Light snow plough CITY is designed for clearing minor amounts of fresh snow and remaining slush in narrow streets, lanes[…]
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Variable V-blade OZ-DZ
The OZ DZ v-blade is particularly designed for snow clearing during severe winters and heavy snow falls. Therefore s snow[…]
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Variable V-blade DELTA
Multifunctional DELTA v-blade snow plough efficiently removes snow on roads,  parking areas or plazzas. A snow plough is characterized by[…]
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Variable V-blade OZZY
Multifunctional OZZY v-blade efficiently removes snow on small size roads, pavements or parking areas.  A snow plough is a perfect[…]
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Snow plough OZ-K for backhoe loaders
A snow plough OZ-K can be attached to various backhoe loaders and tractors. Thanks to technical features and cutting angle[…]
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