The lateral snow plough OZ-S is designed for snow removal on multi-lane roads as a complement to a front snow plough enlarging a clearance width. For maximum efficiency during each passage the OZ-S should be used in addition to the OZ-A/S expanding the clearance width up to 5,7 m. The ploughing width can be adjusted continuously, which makes it easier to remove snow from difficult places like roundabouts or stops.

When an obstacle are hit, the spring-loaded bottom-trip override system keeps the moldboard upright while the cutting edge gives way. The remaining sections stay in their clearing position.

Snow ploughs can be powered by an power pack or hydraulics of the vehicle on which it is mounted.

Technical features

ModelWidth [mm]Clearance width
at ±40°   [mm]
Height [mm]Weight [kg]

Technical characteristics

  • steel frame – anti corrosion protection (steel -shot peening, 2 priming paint layers)
  • an orange polyethylene apron snow adherence free
  • a rounded profile eliminates the projection of snow into the windscreen of the vehicle
  • 3-segment wear resistant steel cutting edge
  • bottom-trip override safety with springs system
  • double floating position with lift and angling pistons – better snow removal efficiency
  • LED side lights and reflecting bands
  • counter plate for quick hitch to SETRA coupling plate
  • screws – Dacromet coating
  • male stud couplings – nickel cadmium coating