Ozamet – spreaders, snow ploughs

Since its establishment in 2002, OZAMET has introduced various innovative solutions to the market to increase safety on roads. We offer road maintenance equipment for both the summer and winter seasons such as spreaders, snow ploughs and flail mowers. Therefore, in the following section we write about equipment for winter services and some municipal machines.

In our extensive range you will find machines and equipment tailored to your needs and financial resources. Firstly,  snow ploughs for removing snow from streets, highways, parking lots and plazas, in addition various spreaders for de-icing. Certainly complete sets of winter services equipment, i.e. a set of a suitable spreader with a snow plough, adapted to the requirements of a specific winter task.

Above all, in summer urban area and roadside maintenance program, there are very efficient reach mowers. They may be mounted on a various of tractors and municipal vehicles. Above all, we undoubtedly draw your attention to the extremely durable multi-purpose the DE power arms.

Ozamet is both a manufacturer and a reseller of winter and summer road maintenance equipment. A a result, we focus on a variety of equipment, professional advice and fast service. So we also perfectly understand the importance of speed and effectiveness of service. Certainly, your credibility as contractors and the degree of performance of binding contracts depend on it.

In conclusion, by purchasing devices manufactured by our company, you gain both professional machines and assistance in your business.