Ozamet manufactures and imports various flail mowers necessary to  roadsides,  canals and urban green area maintenance.

Its reputation is built on its extensive range of green area maintenance equipment and its professional service. The offer includes among others, offset flail mowers and boom mowers for mowing roadsides, slopes and banks, pick-up shredders, mulchers for keeping wasteland and mowing boats.

We specialize in professional hydraulic reach mowers designed to maintain road sides, embankments and tracks. First of all, we offer hydraulic arms and off-set models , which allow you to maintain green areas less accessible.

Finally, thanks to a wide range of interchangeable heads, power mowers become truly versatile machines. Therefore, they  significantly increase maintenance services .

Reach mower DE
Multi-purpose flail reach mower designed to shred grass, shrubs, wood on roadsides, ditches, embankments. Technical features Model DE 480 DE[…]
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RF ditch cleaner
The RF ditch cleaner is a perfect tool for removing mud and vegetation from drainage ditches. Technical features Model RF100[…]
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Multi saw SM
The SM multi saw with a choice of 3 different working widths.  It can cut equally thin and thick branches.[…]
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SF bush cutter
The SF bush cutter is a roller for trimming branches and hedges and cutting shrubs. Technical characteristics in 0,8 o[…]
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TA cutter bar
The TA powerful cutter bar for trimming trees, bushes and hedges at roads' sides. It cuts branches up to Ø[…]
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CM cutter bar
The cutter bar for hedge trimming. Max. cutting Ø 2 cm. Technical features Model 130 150 Working width m 1,30[…]
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Sweeper GZ120
The roller brush with 1200 mm working width for sweeping of, for example, sand and dirt, but also for clearing[…]
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Double washing brush SP100
The SP 100 brushes are designed for cleaning barriers, road posts, road signs, etc. The device consists of two brushes,[…]
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Surface washing brush SP130
SP 130 surface washing brush is designed for cleaning noise protection walls, panels, tunnels, information boards, etc.The vertical brush consists[…]
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FDS hydraulic flail head for excavators
A professional hydraulic flail head suitable for small excavator arms. Technical features ModelWidth mWeight kgOil capacity l/minPressure barFDS 080,811040200FDS 101,027070200FDS[…]
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FCS flail head for excavators
A professional hydraulic flail head suitable for excavator arms. Technical features Model Width m Weight kg Oil capacity  l/min Pressure[…]
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FA algae shredder
The FA algae shredder suitable for melioration of small and medium canals. The  attachment effectively cleans shredding aquatic plants. It[…]
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