Single-section snow-plough OZ-W is designed for operating on all road surfaces. In particular, it is efficient during clearing soft or wet snow.

Firstly, singe blades  are available in the lengths from 3000 mm up to 3500 mm, and in 2 heights.  Additionally, 1,0 m height version wis equipped with a mud flap. Thanks to technical features and cutting angle regulation the snow plough is characterized by superior quality and high performance.

First,the snow plough’s feature reversible cutting edges as standard equipment. As a result, once a side is worn, simply reverse the cutting edge for extended use. Second, the polyethylene mouldboard  is free from corrosion. Thanks to a small adhesion of snow on this material, it allows for a better snow removal and a reduction of fuel consumption.

Technical features

ModelWidth  [mm]Clearance width
at ±30°
OZ-W 30305025981000470
OZ-W 32325028151000495
OZ-W 35355031101000530
OZ-WM 32325028151150540
OZ-WM 35355031101150550
OZ-WM 38380033001150580

Technical characteristics

  • stout steel frame – anti corrosion protection (steel -shot peening, 2 priming paint layers)
  • a rounded profile and rubber mud flaps eliminate the projection of snow into the windscreen of the vehicle
  • abrasion resistant rubber cutting edge
  • an orange polyethylene apron snow adherence free
  • anti collision hydraulic safety  system “by-pass”
  • central swinging of the moldboard ±10˚
  • changing cutting angle positive or negative
  • high stability thanks to angling with two pistons
  • halogen traffic lights, LED side lights and reflecting bands
  • counter plate for quick hitch to 76060 coupling plate
  • screws – Dacromet coating
  • male stud couplings – nickel cadmium coating