OZ-WMA is a single blade plough for snow removal on multi-lane roads.

Outstanding price-performance ratio, comparing to snow ploughs with similar clearance width. Thanks to the plastic mouldboard, the OZ-WMA45 can be mounted on relatively smaller trucks. The last but not least avantage is smaller fuel consumption by the carrier vehicle.

We recommend this snow plough with the OZ-S (click HERE to read more) side-mounted model. Due to the simultaneous operation of two snow ploughs the total width of snow removal increases to 5.45 meters.

Technical features

Model Width
Clearance width
at ±30° [mm]
OZ-WMA 45 4550 3897 1200

Technical characteristics

  • stout steel frame – anti corrosion protection (steel -shot peening, 2 priming paint layers)
  • screws – Dacromet coating
  • male stud couplings – nickel cadmium coating
  • a rounded profile and rubber mud flaps eliminate the projection of snow into the windscreen of the vehicle
  • abrasion resistant rubber cutting edge
  • an orange polyethylene apron snow adherence free
  • anti collision hydraulic safety  system “by-pass”
  • central swinging of the moldboard ±7˚
  • changing cutting angle positive or negative
  • high stability thanks to angling with two pistons
  • halogen traffic lights, LED side lights and reflecting bands
  • counter plate for quick hitch to 76060 coupling plate
  • castor wheels