Highway snow plough OZ-A is a heavy multi-blade designed for snow removal at height speed on multi-lane roads and motorways. For this purpose, each section functions independently to enhance snow removal operation for various conditions. Chiefly, due to the significant weight the snow plough can be attached to heavy trucks.

Above all robust built multi-section snow ploughs are especially designed for effective snow clearance. Depending on the width the OZ-A snow ploughs comprise of independent 4 to 5 sections. As a result each blade section, while riding over an obstacle independently goes up avoiding a damage. In meantime, the remaining sections stay in their clearing position. Therefore, it ensures better snow clearing effect. Undoubtedly, this solution helps to better follow the road profile. In addition the high mouldboard and mud flaps have been developed to avoid splashing snow at high speed on the windshield of the vehicle. Lastly, the snow ploughs feature heavy-duty and quieter rubber and corundum blades designed for more aggressive snow removal from roads.

To sum up, those snow plough is the perfect choice for fast and efficacious  snow removal. Therefore, it will prove itself in winter maintenance on highways and expressways.

Technical features

Model Width [mm] Clearance width
at ±35°[mm]
Height [mm] Weight [kg]
OZ-A45 4500 3700 1150 1250
OZ-A36 3600 3000 1150 1070
OZ-A32 3200 2700 1150 1030

Technical characteristics

  • steel construction – anti corrosion protection (steel -shot peening, 2 priming paint layers)
  • an optimal profile and rubber flaps eliminate projection of snow into the windscreen of the vehicle
  • steel moldboard with 4/5 full-trip segments on polyurethane strips (override safety)
  • cutting edge type Kombi GK5  by Kueper at cutting angle 15°
  • central swinging of the blade ±7˚
  • excellent stability due to 2 angling pistons
  • supporting wheels/ sledges with millilitre height adjustment
  • LED side lights
  • supporting legs
  • side fenders.