Multifunctional DELTA v-blade snow plough efficiently removes snow on roads,  parking areas or plazzas. A snow plough is characterized by adjustable wings enabling 4 various positions:

  • bow breaking through snowdrifts
  • single blade removing snow on right/left
  • shovel pushing snow away

A bottom-trip system protects a snow plough  against overriding an obstacle. Many options enables to customize a v-blade according to various requirements. Depending on a version a plough can be mounted on tractor’s 3-point hitch, a loader or a truck.

Technical features

Model DELTA 27 32
Overall width m 2,72 3,21
“Bow” clearance width m 2.23 2,87
“Shovel” clearance width m 2,23 2,65
Central “wing” height m 0.9 0.9
Rear “wing” height m 1.11 1,11
Weight kg from 420 from 470