The OZ-DZ v-blade is particularly designed for snow clearing during severe winters and heavy snow falls. Therefore, the wedge plough is suitable for entering snow drifts out or pushing snow away. The snow plough is characterized by adjustable wings enabling 4 various positions. The optimized bow and wings geometry ensures optimum snow ejection. Finally Having an aggressive attack angle optimizes the blade performance by scraping snow more thoroughly.

The OZ-DZ BC version is particularly designed for tractors and loaders, the standard one, which has a parallelogram lifting, for trucks equipped with DIN/F1 coupling plate.

Control system

operated hydraulically from the cabin:

  • lifting/lowering down
  • right/left steering
  • bow shape (breaking through snowdrifts)
  • one-sided blade shape
  • shovel shape (pushing snow away)

Technical features

Width 3,00 m
Bow clearance 90˚ 2.80 m
Clearance at 30˚ 3,00 m
Clearance at 45˚ 2.50 m
Shovel clearance 2.20 m
Bow height 0.85 m
Rear height 1.30 m
Weight 890 kg

Technical characteristics

  • abrasion resistant steel blade, scrapers of hardened steel
  • profile eliminates the projection of snow into the windscreen of the vehicle
  • hydraulic lifting and blade positioning
  • system “by-pass” ensures surmounting of the obstacles, nitrogen gas cylinder
  • traffic halogen and side lights and light reflecting bands
  • male stud couplings – nickel cadmium coating
  • supporting sledge