OZ-PTB spreader is an innovative machine for modern de-icing. Therefore, it is intended for spreading various abrasive agents, such as sand or salt-sand mixtures, in particular salt.

Firstly, Ozamet uses good quality components from renown manufactures. Secondly, the crucial elements are made of stainless steel. Furthermore, the hydraulic way of transmitting the drive from the combustion engine to the working elements and the belt conveyor ensure reliability and accuracy. The belt conveyor is designed for spreading various materials, with special emphasis on salt, regardless weather conditions. Component’s sensors, brine electromagnetic flow meter, automatically regulated feed gate all result in accurate dosage. Ending, the spreader features a road-speed related dosage control.

In conclusion, the spreader offers good value for money. Certainly, together with a OZAMET snow plough, it will constitute an excellent set of a snow removal machines fully meeting your needs.


  • capacity 4÷8 m3,
  • made of shot blasted carbon steel, category C5 anti-corrosion coating (reactive primer, 2 coats of epoxy primer, polyurethane paint), optionally made of inox
  • 2-part galvanized screen (50×50 mm) preventing large clumps of material from being introduced
  • ladder and platform made of stainless steel enabling access to the hopper,
  • inverted v for controlling weight and flow of materials
  • polyethylene tarp protecting the hopper from atmospheric factors, opening and closing can be performed without necessity of entering the machine

Material delivery system

The material is delivered by the belt conveyor running on a slider bed . High dosing accuracy even for small amounts of de-icing material is achieved by an actuator adjusting a feed gate. A chute and a spread disc are made of stainless steel ensuring a long life. The chute can be easily raised thanks to gas pressure cylinders.


Certainly driven by a robust 2-cylinder Diesel engine located in a closed compartment is a key element. Glow plugs will start the machine even in harsh winter conditions. Easy access to fuel tank inlet and fuel level indicator at the rear.


Lateral tanks constructed from resistant and light-weight polyethylene. A brine pump and an electromagnetic flow meter ensures an accurate output.

  • brine tanks capacity 2200÷3000 l,
  • in rear area pulverization nozzles pre-wet spread agents

Spreader control system

Standard Plus control features an user-friendly interface ensuring easy operation with function keys and visualization of the different spreading parameters such as spreading pattern, dosage, speed and alarms. The control box enables advanced set-ups, sensors overview, current and global counters storage, data transfer to SD card.`

The spreader operates in 4 modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual what makes a machine easily to  be adapted to individual applications and permits maximum flexibility in resource planning. When there is no tachometer connection, the vehicle speed can be simulated.

Intuitive Standard Plus control box enabling set up of operating parameters, such as:

  • ground speed related dosage : 5÷40 g/m2 for salt and 50÷400 g/m2 for mix (in compliance  with  EN 15597-1:2009 E standard)
  • blast
  • spread width 3÷12 m (pre-wetted material)
  • spread track asymmetry pattern
  • all operation parameters visible on screen
  • all data automatically saved on SD memory card
  • operation sensors, alarms

Mounting a spreader on a carrier vehicle

  • insert bed,
  • hook lift garbage truck,
  • skip loader garbage truck,
  • on an intermediate chassis.