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Quality policy


The main goal of OZAMET is to achive the leading position in winter service machines market.
All opeations and the organisation are focus on continous idetification and meetin customer
requirements. Therefore we implemented a Quality Management System, we defined processes,
requirements and objectives. We provide resourses for effectiveness of the system in conformance
with ISO 9001: 2000 and for enhancing customer satisfaction.

Snow ploughs
  • Ozamet snowplows
  • V blades variable position etrave cuneo combi snow plough wedge bow shovel
  • Ozamet bulk inside bed demountable spreaders
  • Ozamet bulk inside bed demountable spreaders
  • Ozamet winter services self-loading sand spreader
  • hydraulic hedge reach mowers power arms
  • power bow arm hydraulic heads attachaments
  • Mowing boats
  • collecting pick up shredder with collector Tierre Ozamet
  • garden flail shredders mulchers
  • mulchers shredders