A self-loading spreader efficiently removes ice from walkways, parking lots, small roads in housing and industrial areas. It is mounted on tractors or loaders. Ready to spread various materials, such as salt, sand, mix or grit. Filling with material is performed by a lowering a hopper with pistons and and than pushing back at a pile of the material. The material is spread by dropping gravitationally and therefore the working width depends on the width of the hopper. The hopper feed roller is powered by a hydraulic motor. Spreading dosage is regulated by opening  a chute gate and  the rotation speed of a feed roller through an oil flow control valve.

Main features of the self-loading spreader are simple use and  reliability. A lump actuator will crush frozen material.

Technical features

Working width cm180
Hopper capacity l1000
Weight  kg500

Technical characteristics

  • 3-points mount,
  • hydraulic drive,
  • dosage adjusted with a feeding roller speed and extract chute opening,
  • chain transmission,
  • self-loading system with 2 pistons,
  • wear resistant steel strip on hopper’s edge
  • fast hopper discharging,
  • lump actuator.