The OZ-PT is a best-selling spreader, designed for de-icing roads. It is intended for spreading various abrasive agents, such as sand or salt-sand mixtures, in particular salt.

Generally, OZAMET uses high-quality components from renown manufacturers. Moreover, the essential elements are made of stainless steel.

The hydraulic way of transmitting the drive from the combustion engine to the working elements and the belt conveyor ensure the reliability and accuracy. Therefore, the dosage is ground speed related in the version with the STANDARD control. As a result, we obtain precise spreading of salt on the road surface.

Above all, the OZ-PT is a basic tool for de-icing. Undoubtedly, together with OZAMET snow plough, it will constitute an excellent set of winter services equipment ready to meet your requirements. OZ-PT spreader will meet the demands of the budget-oriented contractors and road managers looking for quality and reliability.


Spreader hopper

  • capacity  4÷9 m3,
  • made of shot blasted carbon steel (anti corrosion   reactive filler, 2 layers of epoxy primer, polyurethane topcoat) – protection cat. C5
  • inverted V
  • galvanized screen preventing large clumps of material from being introduced
  • rear ladder, enabling entering the hopper
  • polyethylene tarp protecting the hopper from atmospheric factors

Material delivery system

  • material is delivered on rubber belt conveyor, 500 mm in width, moving on a slider bed or PE carrying rollers (in bigger sizes 7 – 9 m3). The use of rollers reduces the impact on the belt, reduces friction, and thus decreases the likelihood of the belt breaking.
  • whole chute unit and spinner disc made of stainless steel ensuring long lasting

Drive / engine

  • auxiliary  Diesel engine, with side stainless steel covers,
  • easy access to fuel tank inlet,
  • fuel level indicator.

BASIC control

BASIC analog remote in the operator’s carrier cabin, enables:

  • Diesel  engine start/ stop
  • hydraulics start/stop
  • spread width adjustment 3÷10 m
  • dosage of material in the range of 5 g/m2 ÷ 30 g/m2 for salt 30 g/m2 ÷  320 g/m2 for other abrasive agents
  • spread track asymmetry (orientation) adjustment
  • warning light, working light switch on/off


  • work light with adjustable position for night work control,
  • flash orange beacon

Mounting a spreader on a carrier vehicle

  • insert bed,
  • intermediate chassis
  • tractor head,
  • hook lift garbage truck,
  • skip loader garbage truck.


STANDARD digital remote

  • buttons for easy control: spread width, spread asymmetry, ground speed related dosage,
  • material set-up,
  • display showing spread parameters,
  • sensor alarms,
  • PC compatible, portable printer compatible

Brine tank and pre-wetting system

  • polyethylene brine tank of capacity 2000 l,
  • a tank located in front of the sand spreader, which results in the best weight distribution of the spreader on the carrier vehicle
  • in  rear area pulverization nozzles make de-icing agent wet when it falls on a spinner disc.

Mounting / supporting legs

Galvanized telescopic supporting legs equipped with crank for mounting/dismounting on/from a carrier bed and for off-season deposit.


  • made of stainless steel